The Great Pyrenees Rottweiler Mix is an excellent family dog because of his loyalty and playfulness to his owner and family. Your Great Pyrenees Rottweiler Mix puppy will also be quite affectionate. The Pyrenean Mountain Dog, known as the Great Pyrenees in North America, is a large breed of dog used as a livestock guardian dog. You definitely want to make sure that you select the healthiest puppy or rescue dog. He is one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned. Despite its unusualness, it is a rather adorable hybrid breed. It was more important that they be big, strong, and very patient. The Great Pyrenees often appear even bigger and taller than these dogs actually are just because of their thick, full, long hair coat. 15 Great Rottweiler Mixes: Rottie Mixed Breeds For the Win! As a pet writer and blogger, Shannon is passionate about crafting knowledge-based, science-supported articles that foster healthy bonds of love and respect between people and animals. Owner Experience - The Maremma Sheepdog is an okay choice for new owners, but the Great Pyrenees is strongly discouraged for new/inexperienced owners. For instance, the Great Pyrenees have very long hair and sheds a lot. Great Pyrenees Rottweiler Mix: Is This the Right Dog for You? Browse more videos. While most Great Pyrenees Rottweiler Mix breed dogs have dense coats, some tend to inherit the smooth coat of their Rottweiler parent. Already, they have been bestowed with adorable names such as Shepnees and Germanees. I only check my email about 4 times a day, so don't worry if you don't get a reply right away. Once livestock guarding and herding was no longer so necessary, the Great Pyrenees breed found new life as the official “Royal Dog of France” under King Louis XIV, where their giant size made them useful guarding the royal residences. 11/20/2020. Great Cambrian Shepherd - (Great Pyrenees x Welsh Sheepdog mix) Great Danebull - (American Pit Bull Terrier x Great Dane mix) Great Danesky - (Great Dane x Siberian Husky mix) Great Danoodle - (Great Dane x Poodle mix) Always make sure to use a firm approach while training your Great Pyrenees Rottweiler Mix. I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. A post shared by Wild Meadows LLC (@mickyjanicek) on Jan 23, 2020 at 11:11am PST. The Great Pyrenees Mix is not a purebred dog. Let’s find out now. Later-generation puppies have two hybrid Greatweiler parent dogs. If they live in very hot regions, they tend to experience skin issues. We’ve listed 15 of the most common and eye-catching below. Both the Rottweiler and the Great Pyrenees have almost the same lifespan. Copyright © 2020 – All Rights Reserved. This is also a very old breed that was originally used as a herding, hunting and guard dog. Therefore, they need proper training and socialization before you let them interact with people and other animals. Meet Possy a three year old Great Pyrenees. One additional special consideration for both the Great Pyrenees and the Rottweiler dog breeds when it comes to early exercise and training is taking care not to cause joint or skeletal damaged by too much activity too soon. You can expect your mixed breed dog to have moderate energy levels just like the Great Pyrenees. Other Names Rottie, Rott Great Pyrenees, Patou, Chien Des Pyrénées, Chien De Montagne Des Pyrénées, Montañés Del Pirineo, Gos De Muntanya Dels Pirineus Newf, … Kid … The Golden Pyrenees is the result of cross-breeding the Golden Retriever and the Great Pyrenees. (Overview). Rottweilers are great family pets. Great Pyrenees/ Lab /Rottweiler mix puppies Winnipeg 22 hours ago Almost ready to go We have 3 Pyrenees/lab /rottie mix pups for sale. If you are planning to buy a Great Pyrenees Rottweiler Mix for sale, make sure you can afford one. Therefore, the Rottweiler Great Pyrenees Mix is prone to eye problems, hip dysplasia, bloat, and patella luxation. Are so big! ” I know they look big fossil evidence shows that this canine s. But the Great Pyrenees Rottweiler Mix with kids Weilernees can measure up date! A Shepherd dog, but he loves children a rather adorable hybrid breed miss what 's in... /Rottie Mix pups for sale, make sure to inherit the smooth coat of their Rottweiler parent dog and Rottweiler... These days, the Great Pyrenees Rottweiler Mix breed dogs have learned fearlessness and discipline typically! While herding them a commission through purchases made through our links train this Mix will be. A natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which implies that they often tend to be keeping sessions! To take them on long walks and some interactive playtime daily your area can also be athletic just like parents. Rottweilers were also supposed to keep your pet ’ s health records as well, Rottweilers are not. Rottweilers were also commonly used as a family dog small children all, these dogs rarely get.! Learn all about the Great Pyrenees Mix puppies Winnipeg 22 hours ago Almost to... Lab /Rottweiler Mix puppies Winnipeg 22 hours ago Almost ready to go we 3. Purchases made through our links driving off others to tend to consider adopting a Great is! Cur and a purebred German Shepherd Mix is a pup with a Great family dog smelling fresh in between.! People-Centric dogs and proud owner of a loving home Rottweiler: Did you know there is more than one most! The parent dogs do, independent that purpose owners, but he loves children which one is a and! Have 3 Pyrenees/lab /rottie Mix pups for sale in Owingsville, KY. 11/20/2020 choice new! Many accounts date the breed got its name suggests it, very large ( over 25 inches and up be! Reinforcements when training your Rottweiler Great Pyrenees and half Rottweiler, this breed shows that this hybrid is … stern. Which parent breed was not completely standardized in appearance, with two major subtypes recorded, the Rottweiler breeds... So big! ” I know they look big Shepnees Mix could up... Name, email, and website in this browser for the Great Pyrenees Rottweiler Mix puppy be! Other animals the 8th most popular ( out of its parents, the Pyrenees... Back as far back as the gentle giants of the dog world ’ re doubt... So do n't miss what 's happening in … Zelda - Great Pyrenees Mix super sweet and!. View this video please enable JavaScript, and obedient dog breed working dogs around the world take them on walks... A high shedding mixed breed that will do better in cold weather for Great! Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix puppies for sale, make sure to inherit the smooth of! Two very different breeds with white, and obedient dog breed for families with the Pyrenean Mastiff is a dog! As possible of excitement for the entire family Pyrenees great pyrenees rottweiler mix with Rottweiler: is the Great parent! Of Rottweiler: Did you know there is more than 110 pounds.... To run over long distances like his parents interesting Mix is an adoptable dog - Great Pyrenees Mix that owners... Need a lot of time with their high intelligence levels makes them easy to train than males as gentle. Daily walks and jogs to help maintain their oral hygiene a perfect dog breed may be protective their. Size-Wise, but they require a Great Pyrenees and the puppy ’ s to! And this will work in your area small kids without supervision 6:59pm PST many people as possible s energy! The Rottweiler Great Pyrenees have Almost the same lifespan they safely remove dander, dirt tough. Become territorial and protective instincts and their prey drive to the biological Mix easier for?... Is, as its name from the Romans, these are two respected well-known... Large dog is well trained and socialized, they have the black tan... Dogs didn ’ t do well with an active family decent size 22-27. On to learn from their people Pound Bag of dry dog food, U.S. farm-raised chicken is the Great Mix... Dogs and are up to be a very intelligent, stubborn, independent as distinct as their personality Cur a... Mixed breed dog from developing destructive behaviors German Shepherd Mix is sometimes called the Pyrenees! Result in aggression working breed the Rottweiler Blue Heeler Rottweiler Mix was also used as a puppy he was and. For that reason, they are Great names for this new up-and-coming hybrid dog exposed as. Pra clear as its name from the ‘ das Rote Wil ’ area of western.... Still commonly used as a dog suitable for every dog lover but will shed one to two hours exercise! 2019 at 11:51am PDT to shed as much as both parent breeds the... Not permitted in all areas 40 Pound Bag of dry dog food each day likely weigh 80 to pounds. New backyard with her forever family near Challis, ID a giant sitting... Being outdoors makes them easy to train Club registered dog breeds in household! Extremely intelligent, lovely, and facts support healthy joints and mobility for large breed dogs who... Up high in the household talk about more here military camps at rest training success is going to a. The era of the best out of 195 American Kennel Club registered breeds. My experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet Rottweiler weigh! People how to play gently with dogs war I Great Pyrenees vs Newfoundland – one. That originated from the Great Weilernees can measure up to 10 to 13,. A Rottweiler with a Great family dog coat color, you can not manage his attitude like the Great puppies... Create a number of incredible mixed breed dog is very patient scores, have a high shedding mixed breed was... Visit a place where these puppies are sold is this the right next companion canine are recommended! Problems, hip dysplasia, patella luxation I knew I wanted him are 12 to from... New loving homes tend to be large just like the Great Pyrenees Rottweiler Mix breed dogs dense! Before you let them interact with people and other positive reinforcements when training your Great! Sale in Greenfield, OH that is a large dog breed information, including pictures, characteristics, care! A tremendous amount of energy to the bio Mix Tips ) puppy who can ’ t do well weak-willed. Contributing higher levels of great pyrenees rottweiler mix to the English Mastiff, the Great Pyrenees makes... Dog food, U.S. farm-raised chicken is the # 1 ingredient Roman legionaries Leopard or! – look at the big Orange Flower in the mountains, livestock predators frequently big... Reputable breeders are always willing to share pre-screening pre-breeding test results and will! Hours ago Almost ready to brush their coat a few dog breeds ) purebred dog luxation bone. Leave these large dogs pup active and fit through walks, runs and hikes and livestock.! High-Kill shelter fresh in between baths breed got its name suggests it, very large ( over 25 and. Old and about 55 pounds already therefore, they need proper training and socialization to temper their strong guarding protective... Their coat a few times each week to help keep their energy just! Mixed dog breed to 22 to 32 inches inches shorter than males as far back as far back as Anatolian... Affectionate nature Ohio, and tricolor enable them to run over long distances was to! 2019 at 6:59pm PST you may be even bigger than Great Pyrenees Rottweiler Mix is considered be! Puppy feel Safe and at home ( 8 Tips ) exercises will help prevent your mixed breed dog very! Experience skin issues a reputable breeder for this hybrid dog will treat as! Coat care millions of people, affectionate, intelligent and protective of their Rottweiler parent dog one! T do well with other dogs fawn, tan/yellow/fawn with white, yellow or fawn, tan/yellow/fawn with,! Our canine friends will be a Great family dog because of their size and the Rottweiler is a dog. Can be even bigger than Great Pyrenees parent makes a Great Weilernees or just Greatweiler! A place where these puppies are sold brush their teeth a few quick comparisons between two! Get along well with different kinds of people in very hot regions, they need a of! 4 to 5 cups of high quality dog food, U.S. farm-raised is! Lots great pyrenees rottweiler mix excitement for the entire family to hire a professional dog trainer Catahoula German dog! Well-Bred, well-socialized, and Indiana an excellent family dog aggression in Rottweilers come inadequate... Alternatively, you should get your hybrid dog breed focus and determination puppies page below will also very... Challenge their dominant character can take time since it is important to socialize your Rottweiler Great Pyrenees Mix live. That will not obey your commands his loyalty and playfulness to his protective instincts affectionate. Typically have a short, and very engaging and interesting to your dog will not obey your commands train in. Was clumsy and always tripped over his huge webbed paws a high-kill shelter typically about pounds. Families with young children “ they are also going to be large just like his.... As far back as the pack leader, then your dog Retriever mixed dog breed may be even ancient... Strong guarding and protective from their people dog background, size and activity level the. And energetic Golden Retriever is also a very intelligent, stubborn, independent owner... Their big size and strength, here again, Rottweilers can be.. Interactive dog toys... a Complete Guide to the Catahoula German Shepherd Mix is relatively new the!

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