Ahmed had also made several admissions in his police statements that showed his premeditated plan to kill the victim. The two, who only got 25 cents for their atrocious deed, were ultimately sentenced to hang on June 26, 1885. The Tachikawa branch of the Tokyo District Court found Takahiro Shiraishi, known as the "Twitter killer", guilty of killing, dismembering and storing the bodies of the victims in his flat in Zama, near Tokyo. If you don't believe, next week I will go with him, we’ll make a video and show you.". She rejected Ahmed's partial defence of grave and sudden provocation – that the victim had humiliated him by saying: "He is better than you, he is better than you in the hotel, he is better in bed, he is better financially. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Mediacorp Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. Since 1973, more than 170 people who had been wrongly convicted and sentenced to death in … 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? SINGAPORE: A Bangladeshi worker was sentenced to death on Monday (Dec 14) for murdering his domestic helper girlfriend in a Geylang hotel two years ago. The death penalty carries the inherent risk of executing an innocent person. For detaining a person causing his death, Pol Lt Col Banyin was sentenced to death. Learn a new word every day. 2 : an affliction or a situation that is considered to be fatal also : a prognosis of death. The former chairman of one of China's largest state-controlled asset management firms was sentenced to death Tuesday for soliciting $260 million … A court in Mali's capital Bamako sentenced an Islamist militant leader and 14 other people to death on Friday for jihadist activity in the south of the war-torn Sahel state. jdn. Delivered to your inbox! A man in Nigeria was sentenced to death via the popular video conferencing app Zoom this week, sparking condemnation from rights groups who described the ruling as inhumane. In Vietnam, anyone convicted of possession or smuggling more than 600 grams of heroin or more than 2.5 kg of meth are sentenced to … She's accused of starving her stepdaughter to death and then burning the body to conceal the death. Accessed 6 Jan. 2021. The death penalty handed out to a former Chinese finance chief found guilty of corruption has been heavily criticised by human rights activists. Judges in Toyko sentenced a Japanese man, dubbed the "Twitter killer," to death on Tuesday for murdering and dismembering nine people after meeting them on the social media network. This service is not intended for persons residing in the EU. The former head of state-owned China Huarong Asset Management Co. Ltd. was sentenced to death Tuesday for bribe taking in one of the harshest punishments for … Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). meREWARDS lets you get coupon deals, and earn cashback when you complete surveys, dine, travel and shop with our partners. In 1983, Professor David C. Baldus, of the University of Iowa College of Law, published a study on the capital punishment system in the state of Georgia. In 1944, 14-year-old George Stinney Jr., an African-American child from South Carolina, was sentenced to death for killing two young girls. 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'. “Death sentence.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/death%20sentence. SINGAPORE: A Bangladeshi worker was sentenced to death on Monday (Dec 14) for murdering his domestic helper girlfriend in a Geylang hotel two years ago. Ahmed Salim, 31, was convicted of killing his girlfriend of six years after a tryst in the Golden Dragon Hotel on Dec 30, 2018, when she refused to leave another man for him. Judicial Commissioner Mavis Chionh found that his actions before, during and after the killing "demonstrated premeditation, cogent planning and methodical execution". Even if the victim had said such words, the judge said that this was a premeditated killing, with Ahmed keeping a rope in his pants and taking it with him to the hotel and clearing his bank account beforehand. "I find his explanations for his failure to mention the humiliating words in the police statements and to (the IMH psychiatrist) to be far-fetched," said the judge. I find that the accused had decided even before Dec 30, 2018, that he would kill the deceased so long as she refused to leave her new boyfriend and to get back together with him," said Judicial Commissioner Chionh. A Japanese court has sentenced a man to death for killing and dismembering nine people, most of whom had posted suicidal thoughts on social media. Ahmed, who was betrothed to another woman at the time, first strangled 34-year-old Indonesian national Nurhidayati Wartono Surata with a towel. 1 : a sentence condemning a convicted defendant to death. An autopsy found the cause of death to be strangulation and a cervical spine injury. A federal appeals court ruled on Friday to vacate the death sentence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who along with his brother planted homemade bombs near the finish of … It looks like the email address you entered is not valid. Ahmed had not mentioned these words in his multiple police statements and in his interviews with the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) psychiatrist. Definition of death sentence. (to go) to gaol [Br.] Baldus's study was used by death row inmate Warren McClesky in an appeal that came before the U.S. Supreme Court (McClesky v. Kemp, 481 U.S. 279, 107 S. Ct. 1756, 95 L… He was diagnosed with adjustment disorder at the time of the offence, but no contributory link was found between this disorder and the crime. mit Zuchthaus bestrafen: law med. A Kuwaiti court handed down a death sentence on a woman for the murder of her Filipino domestic helper, Jeanelyn Villavende, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. said late Wednesday. He was accused of the murder after the girls' bodies were discovered, having violently been beaten to death with a railroad spike. The act of carrying out such a sentence is known as an execution. The former chairman of one of China’s top four state asset managers was sentenced to death on Tuesday for accepting 1.79 billion yuan (US$277 million) in bribes. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'death sentence.' Stinney had been seen the prior day picking flowers with the victims. Death sentence for mentally ill Lisa Montgomery shows failure of justice system Trump should grant clemency to the only woman on federal death … Despite the fact that Arcene was executed at the Fort Smith gallows as an adult, he remained the youngest offender sentenced to death in the … Ahmed Salim, 31, had strangled domestic worker Nurhidayati Wartono Surata in a room at the Golden Dragon Hotel in Geylang on the evening of Dec 30, 2018. The judge found that the victim had said no such humiliating words. The Tokyo District Court on Tuesday sentenced a man dubbed Japan’s “Twitter killer” to death for the 2017 serial murders of nine people who posted … What made you want to look up death sentence? A one-time welder was sentenced to death in a Riverside courtroom on Friday, Dec. 4, for the murder of Moreno Valley teenager Norma Angelica Lopez 10 years ago.. BEIJING • The former chairman of one of China's largest state-controlled asset management firms has been sentenced to death for soliciting US$260 million (S$342.8 million) in … Send us feedback. READ: Bangladeshi worker on trial for murdering Indonesian maid girlfriend in Geylang hotel, READ: 'She has died. Takahiro Shiraishi (centre), depicted here in a court sketch drawing by Masato Yamashita dated Sept 30, 2020, has been sentenced to death. The last time a Nigerian Sharia court passed a death sentence was in 2016 when Abdulazeez Inyass, was sentenced to death for blaspheming against Islam during after a secret trial in Kano. The figures he assembled showed that between 1973 and 1979, killers whose victims were white were 11 times more likely to be sentenced to death than were killers whose victims were black. He then tied a rope around her neck in several knots and twisted her head forcefully. In his testimony at trial, led by defence lawyers Eugene Thuraisingam, Chooi Jing Yen and Hamzah Malik, Ahmed said he considered the victim to be his wife, even though they were not married. I also want to die,' says Bangladeshi man on trial for murdering Indonesian maid girlfriend. By clicking subscribe, I agree to receive news updates and promotional material from Mediacorp and Mediacorp's partners. law to sentence sb. Sentence DEATH PENALTY -- Reaction in court / TOP 10 - YouTube Death sentence or death penalty is a punishment sanctioned by the state, where the person is killed for committing the offence. The allegations surfaced only one-and-a-half years after the incident, when Ahmed was providing his account of events to the defence psychiatrist. “Sentenced to Death” is the well done fifth book in Lorna Barrett’s “Booktown Mystery” cozy mystery series – a s Well, the police say it was an accident, but Tricia isn’t convinced – the more she learns about her friend’s life the more she is convinced it was murder. "I agree with the prosecution that the accused's story of the humiliating words was precisely that – a story.". Copyright© Mediacorp 2021. Jan. 5 (UPI) --Lai Xiaomin, the former chairman of one of China's biggest state asset managers, on Tuesday was sentenced to death for accepting bribes worth … Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, December 30) — A Kuwaiti citizen has been sentenced to death a year after killing her Filipina domestic worker. The mahila court in Pudukottai on Tuesday awarded the death penalty to a 25-year-old who was held guilty of raping and killing a seven-year-old girl at Embal village in the district. See the full definition for death sentence in the English Language Learners Dictionary. He stole her valuables and left her body to be found by a receptionist later that night. Author: Wesley Lowery, Hannah Knowles, Mark Berman, Words From 1921: 100 Years Old and Still Around, The Difference Between 'Libel' and 'Liable', 'Talented': That Vile and Barbarous Vocable. However, Texas was one of two states that carried out a, Texas was also the last state to carry out a, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri and Tennessee each carried out a single, When she was diagnosed with HIV in 1992, it was still considered a, Little, then being held in a county jail in North Texas, agreed to meet Denmark in exchange for a pledge not to use his confessions to seek a, The 40-year-old mother of four cited a recent article written by the prosecutor who defended Bernard’s, Post the Definition of death sentence to Facebook, Share the Definition of death sentence on Twitter. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Ms Quynh is still at large. TOKYO: A Japanese man dubbed the "Twitter killer" was sentenced to death by a Tokyo court on Tuesday (Dec 15) for murdering and dismembering nine people he met online. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

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